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Product Information

YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations Premium replaces the dropdown select of your variable products with Colors and Labels. The best way to offer a complete overview on all options available for your products: with one plugin only you can add unlimited variations (be they sizes, colours, patterns etc.) and show in an immediate and intriguing way all the possibilities for each single product in the shop are there.

Present your product variations in the most effective and fashionable way

YITH WooCommerce Color and Label Variations allows you to replace standard WooCommerce selects with icons, custom images and dynamic labels. The plugin is extremely versatile and adapts to any type of product:from clothes (for each item you will certainly need to show sizes and colours available) to jewels (maybe you want to show advanced options, such as gemstone form, necklace length o ring size, if the product is available in different precious metals and so on).

Regardless of what you sell, if you show your product options through ad hoc images and icons, you help your customer understand, immediately as he/she comes into the page, which purchase options are available for that product: for example, in a few seconds he/she will be able to understand that the T-shirt he/she likes so much is available in his/her size or favourite colour. From that moment to clicking on “Purchase” button is a short step!


  • Create color attributes
  • Create label attributes
  • Create image attributes
  • Show a description of each attribute in product page
  • Show a tooltip for each attribute variation
  • Customise colour and entrance animation of the tooltip
  • Add a new product variation from attribute section in WooCommerce product page
  • Change the product image in a dynamic way when hovering the mouse over the related variation New
  • Show all the product attributes in the “Additional Information” tab in product page