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Product Information

WP Timeline Designer Pro is an effective and user friendly way to beautify your wordpress blog on your website with timeline concept, not just timeline but more. This plugin helps you to create beautiful layout templates for your wordpress posts/custom posts with existing templates without too much effort or without the help of a professional as well as no coding skill required. WP Timeline Designer Pro makes your website posts more intuitive which help to attract more clients as well as more visitors. It’s very easy to manage for beginners to website developers. WP Timeline Designer Pro plugin bundled with precisely designed 12 templates with 50+ designs for various categories and we will keep adding more in future versions. If you are looking for blog/custom post design then WP Timeline Designer is the best solution for you that you have never seen above. Every single layout template contains numbers of options to manage and customize your posts style and design like colors, font-style, typography etc. WP Timeline Designer Plugin is useful for all WordPress websites. Below is a small list for which purpose you can use WP Timeline Designer plugin.

  • Story Timeline
  • Hiring Process
  • Daily Routine timeline
  • Clean and professional web post showcase.
  • Blogging Website
  • New section of website.
  • Business & Technology idea sharing
  • Your company story (timeline)
  • Event summary timeline
  • Your achievements timeline
  • Author biography timeline
  • Company new product updates
  • Step by step tutorial guideline
  • Fashion blog website
  • Latest trend blog
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Blogs
  • NGO website to share news/update
  • Personal Blog Site
  • Content Timeline
  • Showcase post with slideshow (slider)
  • To display different category post with different design

How to start with WP Timeline Designer Pro?

Explore the steps to start journey with Wp Timeline Designer PRO


We have already implemented a demo for each type post timeline template and individual layout at our demo website.


Download plugin zip file, extract it to your local drive and choose plugin zip file (wp-timeline-designer-pro.zip) for ‘Upload Plugin’ section and then install and Activate WP Timeline Designer Pro from admin area.


Create a layout and choose your favorite timeline template and select a page where you want to show timeline posts. There are already default settings for each template, you just have to make changes according to your need and finally click on ‘Save Change’ to apply for the front-end.


Get more blog visitors with simple and awesome designs. No coding skill required to change blog timeline templates. Beginners can also do that thing. Enjoy with WP Timeline Designer PRO