WooCommerce After Sales Coupons

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Product Information

An extension for WooCommerce which enables you to offer a coupon after the checkout process has been completed to use on the users next purchase. An options page will be added to WooCommerce which allows you to set the options for the coupon that is created. Here are the options that can be set:

  • Disable / Fixed / Percentage option
  • Amount of discount
  • Minimum order amount before coupon is created
  • Option to only allow 1 coupon to be created per customer, or unlimited.

WooCommerce After Sales Coupon Features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Enable / Disable Coupons easily
  • Only allow 1 Coupon per user (if option is set)
  • The coupon is limited to the users email address
  • The coupon can only be used once.