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Product Information

SUMO Memberships is a Complete WooCommerce Membership System. It is the most comprehensive WooCommerce Membership Plugin using which you can Sell Memberships from your existing WooCommerce Shop and give access to members (who have purchased specific Membership Plans) to view pages, view posts, content blocks, buy certain products etc.


  • Simple Memberships/ Subscription Memberships(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Provide Access for All Users, Members with Particular Plan, Members without Particular Plan, All Members, All Non Members
  • Provide Access to Pages, Posts, Products, Custom Post Types, URL
  • Content Restriction Types – Complete Restriction, Limited Restriction(excerpt), Redirection
  • Product Restriction Types – Not Purchasable, Apply Content Restriction
  • Content Restriction by shortcodes
  • Content Restriction in RSS Feed
  • Membership Plans can be Transferred
  • Default Membership Plan during Account Signup
  • Immediate Access/Delayed Access after purchasing Membership Plan
  • Multiple Membership Plans can be linked to a Single Membership Plan
  • Immediate Access/Delayed Access for linked Membership Plans
  • Members can have multiple Membership Plans
  • Members can Pause/Cancel their Subscription Membership Plan(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • All Membership Plans purchased by a Member is listed in My Account page
  • Subscription Membership Plans can be Automatically/Manually renewed(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Site Admin can manually Add Membership Plans to any User
  • Site Admin can Enable/Disable any Membership Plan
  • Site Admin can Pause/Cancel any Subscription Membership Plan(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Site Admin can add Notes to any Member’s Membership Plan
  • Site Admin can view the list of Members and their Membership Plans
  • Log history for each Member’s Membership Plan
  • Subscription Membership Renewal reminder emails(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Master Log to record all the Membership Transactions in your site
  • Free Trial/Paid Trial can be provided for Membership Plan(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Number of Membership Trials for any User can be set(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Number of Active Memberships for each Member can be set(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • User can switch their Renewal Payment method between Automatic Renewal to Manual Renewal(requires SUMO Subscriptions Plugin)
  • Reward Points Earning Percentage can be set for each Membership Plan (requires SUMO Reward Points Plugin)
  • WPML Compatible
  • Highly Customizable
  • Translation Ready
  • And More