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Product Information

Allows store administrators to login as customer on frontend for troubleshooting and placing orders on customers’ behalf.

Login and Shop Your Store Like a Customer

Koalaapps’ Login and Shop as Customer extension for WooCommerce enable store administrators to log in as a customer on their store’s frontend. They can log in as customers, make orders like customers, and troubleshoot the issues they face. The extension also records a history of all admin logins for future reference. The admin can log in as a customer, input all the details requested of customers, and see what they see. They can review customer-specific pricing, product fields, and other custom variables not seen when placing orders from the backend. Unlike other extensions, once logged in as a customer, the store admin can also view the My Account page and make changes from the frontend.


  • Allows store administrator to log in as customers
  • Ability to make changes in My Account pages on the frontend
  • Automatically loads billing, shipping, and other customer details
  • Option to enable and disable the admin-login-history log
  • Customize switch-back-to-admin button text

Login As a Customer

Once you install the extension, you will notice a switch-to-customer-link at the admin bar on the frontend. Click it to search and login as any customer.