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It’s a pre-checkout offer that the user can accept with a single click. The offers are usually impulse buy products. Order bumps are quite successful in the offline world too. If you’ve picked up chewing gums at the checkout counter of a grocery store, you’ve already experienced them. Or if you’ve said yes to extra beacon for your Subway sandwich – you know what order bumps are.

Order Bumps Can Be Insanly Effective

Complementary products These are not essential for the main product to work but they add value. For example – cleaning kit with leather shoes. if you are selling a eBook then a perfect bump could be a audio book Subscription & Membership based products A pack of supplements, household supply, ointments etc. are products of regular use Warranty People have an inherent need to protect their purchase and an extended warranty helps them achieve that goal. Expedited shipping No matter what you sell, you can use faster shipping as a way to make your shoppers shell out a few dollars extra Limited edition products Tell your prospects that the supplies are limited or you’ve only got a 100 of those to sell