Ninja Forms Layout And Styles

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Product Information

  • Easily create multi-column form layouts and beautifully styled form elements without mastering CSS.

    A form doesn’t need to be fancy to convert well, but it shouldn’t be crowded and messy either. Ninja Forms will look fantastic on a well-styled theme with no additional styling needed, but there may be times when you want to take your form to a new level!

    Elevate your forms with Layout & Styles
    Layout & Styles gives you the ultimate control over Ninja Forms without having to write lengthy amounts of CSS code:

    • Create multiple column form layouts right within the Ninja Forms builder.
    • Easily add styles to form elements, labels, and wrappers.
    • Add default styles to elements, and/or specify styles by element type, form, or form field.
    • Export and import styles.
    • Easily style standard form components: datepicker, success message, even and odd field rows, etc.
    • Add styles to your form’s success and error messages.

    Who should use Layout & Styles

    • Anyone who wants to make small changes to their forms, but knows little to no CSS.
    • Anyone who likes lots of options, fine-grained control, and likes to experiment
    • Anyone who knows CSS very well and wants to speed up the process of styling a Ninja Form