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Bulk import your CSV spreadsheet into Gravity Forms in minutes. Our Import Entries plugin makes it simple to bulk import hundreds or thousands of entries in minutes. There are no limits on the number of rows you can import. If you have a spreadsheet to import, this is the best Gravity Forms import plugin.

You will save time with our plugin’s powerful features.

  • Works with any CSV! Use any CSV that you want. Just choose which Gravity Forms form you want to import the rows into.
  • Bulk Update or Modify Existing Entries Want to bulk update entries? It’s easy with our plugin. Export your entries from Gravity Forms, change some items, then re-import them.
  • Advanced Validation Avoid buggy or incomplete entries. Imported entries will only be created if they are valid
  • Limit to Required Fields Only import entries that have your required field
  • Works Flawlessly with User Registration Add-on Create or update users when used with the Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on
  • Import files exported from Gravity Forms Take the CSV that Gravity Forms generates  and  import it to another site.
  • Conditional Logic Use conditional logic to filter your imported Entries based on their values
  • Create WordPress Posts Directly create posts during the import process
  • Download Import Errors to a CSV If your import has errors, you can download a CSV that includes only the rows with errors. This allows you to easily correct errors (like badly-formatted emails) and re-import the entries.