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Product Information

Here at Gravity Forms, we’ve been working hard every day to introduce new functionality that will make your forms the best that they can be. Since many of our users rely on Gravity Forms to accept payments on their site, it makes perfect sense for us to add yet another option for selling products and services. Today, we’re happy to unveil our newest officially-supported payment gateway, 2Checkout.

Why 2Checkout?

We already support fantastic payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, so why add another option? Well, the primary advantage to 2Checkout is support for many of our international customers. Not only is Gravity Forms the leading WordPress forms plugin in the US, but it’s also the leader worldwide. We want to make sure that all of the great features that Gravity Forms users enjoy are able to be used by other parts of the world that aren’t supported by PayPal or Stripe.

2Checkout Features

The new 2Checkout Add-On allows users to take advantage of all of the great features inside 2Checkout, including:

  • 87 different currency options.
  • 8 payment types.
  • 15 different languages.
  • Single product payments.
  • Multi-product payments.
  • Subscription payments (including multi-product support).
  • Setup fees.

…and much more! In addition, 2Checkout supports a wide array of payment locations worldwide, meaning that people across the globe can now accept payments inside their WordPress forms.

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