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Product Information

Use Date and Time fields in your Gravity Forms calculations. Perform advanced date and time calculation with ease.

What does it do?

This plugin adds the ability to use Date and Time fields in Gravity Forms calculations. Create complex and precise calculations based on any combination of Date, Time, and Number fields. Calculations can be used in any field that normally supports calculations, allowing you to build forms with flexible time-based pricing, track days and hours, determine the age of a customer based on their birth date, and any other calculation related to date and time.


  • Use Date and Time fields in your Gravity Forms’ calculations. Create robust date and time-based calculations right in your form editor.
  • Calculate duration been dates and times. Determine how many years, days, hours (and more!) are between any two Date or Time fields.
  • Supports every date/time unit you’ll need. Get your results in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Calculate the user’s age and apply age-specific customizations. Prevent underage submissions, configure child/senior pricing, determine customer’s age for past and future milestones.
  • Count Weekdays and Weekend Days Between Two Dates Only count the days that are important for your calculation.
  • Duration-based Pricing Combine with Gravity Forms Calculated Product fields to create dynamic pricing based on user selected dates/times.
  • Automatic Updates Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Passionate Support We’re here to help! And we mean it.