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Product Information

Instagram Addon

Are you an avid Instagram user that wants to show off your images? Using Envira’s Instagram Addon you can easily create beautiful Instagram galleries on your site for up to 3 different Instagram accounts! This tutorial will walk you through how to create your first Instagram gallery.

  • Requirements
  • Installation
  • Setup
    1. Authenticate Each Instagram Account for Your Site
    2. Create your gallery
    3. Select the External Gallery tab
    4. Configure your gallery settings
    5. Set up your lightbox settings
    6. Publish or Update your gallery
  • FAQs
      • Why can’t I set my image sizes?
    • Why doesn’t the image open the Instagram page?
    • Not all of my images are showing, why?


  • Ultimate, Agency, Pro or Plus Envira license. You can read how to upgrade to one of these licenses here.
  • WordPress 4.9+
  • Envira Gallery 1.8.0+


Please follow our instructions on how to install and activate addons. In this instance, you’ll be activating the Envira Instagram Addon.