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Product Information

The Dynamic Addon is an extremely powerful Envira Addon that lets you create dynamic and powerful galleries on the fly. You can quickly create a WordPress gallery from images attached to a specific post or even a custom set of images. You can use the dynamic addon to create galleries from your NextGen gallery images, or you can override the default WordPress gallery with the Envira gallery engine. The Envira interface is great, but sometimes you just want to be able to quickly create a gallery and not have to worry about re-uploading images, changing out data and everything else that comes with creating a gallery. That’s where the Dynamic addon really shines because you can just use the shortcode or template tag, and you will be on your way into turning your images into beautiful and responsive galleries. You can also check out the Dynamic Addon documentation to get the scoop on exactly how you can create these incredible galleries. Do you want to create a fullscreen gallery in WordPress? Now with large screens and resolutions, it only makes sense to utilize that viewing area to display your beautiful photos. Envira Gallery’s Fullscreen addon takes advantage of browsers that support native fullscreen mode and allows you to display your gallery lightbox in a beautiful, large viewing area. Once activated, the fullscreen addon has one simple setting under the Config tab. You can either enable or disable it for the gallery. Once enabled, the fullscreen icon will be available in the gallery toolbar. If the browser does not support fullscreen mode, the icon will be disabled. Otherwise, upon click on the icon, fullscreen mode will be launched. Exiting out of the gallery lightbox will close fullscreen mode. View our demo of Envira’s Fullscreen Addon!