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Product Information

eList is a unique theme that opens up some cool possibilities. At its core, it is a “directory” theme, meaning simply that it can be used to store a database of user-generated listings. The purpose of your site, and the type of content being submitted by your users, is entirely up to you. eList could  easily be used as a local job board, where business pay to list their available positions in a relevant category, or where residents pay to place their resumes. Perhaps it is a local real estate listings directory, where agents pay to list their properties for locals to see. It could also, very simply, be an online directory of business or websites that you curate and charge (or don’t charge) for inclusion. eList creates a front-end submission form that your visitors can use to submit their own listings. This form can be customized from within wp-admin to include whatever fields you like. You can then choose to charge your visitors to submit their listings, or allow them to post for free.

eList Features

 1. Unlimited ColorSchemes – eList includes our CSS control panel, allowing you to adjust the background and font color of your theme. This allows for unlimited possibilities when comes to color combinations, and also includes various background textures. 2. Classic Directory Structure – eList includes the classic directory structure, where your homepage is based off categories rather than recent listings. Each category is displayed, along with a description, post count and thumbnail image. 3. eCommerce Integration – eList allows you to place your listings behind a pay-wall. You can charge  a fixed rate for each listing, as well as an additional fee to have the listing “featured” on the homepage and relevant categories. All payments are handled via PayPal, and the theme uses IPN to automatically verify listings once they have been paid for. If a listing is not paid for, then it will remain a draft in the system and will not be published. 4. Custom Drag-and-Drop Form Builder – The eList listings submission form can be completely customized to fit the purpose of your website. We have created a custom form builder that you can use to easily customize your submission form, adding any additional fields that you require. 5. Front-end Listing Submissions – eList has its own front-end login and submission page, allowing your visitors to publish new listings without ever having to log in to the WordPress Dashboard. This creates a seamless experience for your customers. 6. Featured Listings – You have the option of allowing your visitors to pay additional fees to be “Featured.” When a users pays to be featured, their listing is rotated on the homepage and category Featured Slider for a limited amount of time. You can change how long listings stay “Featured” from within ePanel.