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I believe more time has gone into this theme than anything else we have created, and after weeks of work I think we have managed to build something special. AskIt is a theme that transforms your WordPress blog into a fully-featured question and answer site. Once activated, your visitors can register and start posting their own questions via our externally integrated submission and signup form. These questions can then be answered by your visitors, and each answer can be voted on by your visitors to help find the best solution. Once the author has found an answer to his/her question, he/she can designate it as “correct” for all visitors to see. Finally, a community atmosphere is fostered via a user rating system. Each of your members will have stats including their total questions answered and how many of these questions were chosen as “correct.” This is displayed in a star rating under the member’s avatar next to all of their answers. A user with a 4-star rating will hold high authority within the community. This experience is further enhanced by ajax integration, creating a seamless posting/voting experience. For more info, be sure to check out the Live Demo as well as the Features Page.