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Product Information

This Invoices extension allows your customers to generate an invoice for their purchase after the purchase is complete. These invoices can include complete company details, such as name, address, and tax ID, that customers can use for accounting and tax purposes. Customers will be asked to enter the information they wish to appear on the invoice and will then be given a print friendly version of the invoice that can be downloaded or printed.

Frequently asked questions

Is this extension compatible with EDD Recurring Payments? Yes it is! Customers can download invoices for their initial payments and all renewal payments. Does this extension allow customers to update the billing details for an invoice? Yes it does! Customers to generate a new invoice at anytime with updated billing details, including name, address, and tax ID number. Does this extension support sequential order numbers? Yes it does! It includes full support for the standard sequential order numbers in Easy Digital Downloads and the Advanced Sequential Order numbers extension. Can site admins access the generated invoices? No, invoices are generated on-demand by customers and are not saved to the server. If you need site admins to download invoice records, consider using PDF Invoices.