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Product Information

The Custom Deliverables extension for Easy Digital Downloads is perfect for freelancers, or anyone who needs to deliver custom files to their clients. With this extension, each payment record will have a Custom Deliverables interface where you can upload/attach files for the customer. Once you’ve uploaded the customized files, the customer can download them right from their account. The files are protected and tracked just like all other deliverable files in Easy Digital Downloads – so when the customer clicks to download their customized files, you know. You can find that at any time under Reports → File Downloads. Then, with a single click, you can email the customer to let them know their files are ready. It’s an extremely smooth workflow that lets you get back to work! For the sake of keeping yourself organized, you can mark each job as fulfilled once you’ve uploaded the files, so you can be sure you never miss one. It also integrates perfectly with the AmazonS3 extension, or the Dropbox File Store extension*, if you need to deliver custom files that are larger than you are able to store on your web server/hosting account. Additionally, if you want to run a freelancer marketplace (like fiverr.com or upwork.com), it also integrates with the EDD Frontend Submissions extension to make that possible. Your Vendors get the same functionality in their Vendor Dashboard – where they can upload customized files to any of their customer’s orders – and notify them when the files are ready.


  • Easily attach customized files to the customer’s purchase record for Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Customized files are protected the same way all deliverables files are in Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Customized files are tracked so that you know when they are downloaded by the customer.
  • One-click to easily notify the customer their files are ready through email.
  • Customers can download custom deliverables through their receipt page or email.
  • Ability to customize the default Your files are ready to email.
  • Mark jobs/payments as fulfilled to easily see, review, and stay organized.


  • Dropbox File Store integration allows you to upload/store custom deliverables on your Dropbox account.
  • AmazonS3 integration allows you to upload/store custom deliverables on your AmazonS3 account.
  • Frontend Submissions integration allows you to have Vendors who can also upload custom deliverables to their orders.

* Note: the integration with Dropbox File Store allows site admins to upload files to Dropbox. It does not permit vendors to upload to Dropbox.