Disable Everything - WordPress Plugin to Disable Right Click, Copying, Keyboard

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Product Information

This WordPress Plugin allows you to disable Text and Images Copying, Right Click and Keyboard Keys on your WordPress sites. You can disable some of these features or all of them at once. This plugin is particularly useful if you want to protect your images from being downloaded and your text from being copied.

Main Features:

    • Disable Copying – This plugin can disable Text and Images Copying on your site and help you to protect your content.


    • Disable Mouse & Keyboard Features – This plugin can disable Right Click and Keyboard Keys on your site.


    • Custom Notification – You can display the custom message after an attempt to copy your content.


    • Mobile Friendly – This plugin works great with phones, tablets and desktop computers. So everything you choose will be disabled on every device.


    • Well Documented – This plugin comes with the full documentation, so using it becomes even easier.


  • Cross-Browser Support – This plugin works great with all the major browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.