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First, install Citadela WordPress Theme

Citadela is a premium WordPress theme suitable for both commercial & non-commercial use. It’s well coded – only standard, reliable WordPress code. Citadela is fast and easy to use with WordPress Block Editor and Customizer. The best part is: It’s compatible with just about everything that’s standard WordPress.

Use Citadela PRO plugin to unlock Citadela’s full potential

Citadela PRO plugin turns on customization options in Citadela theme. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new website or you already have a website that is up and running on Citadela WordPress theme. By activating Citadela PRO plugin, you can smoothly restyle your site with a click any time you want.

Add more blocks with Citadela Blocks plugin

Citadela Blocks is a premium WordPress plugin compatible with any standard WordPress theme. It contains unique blocks you can use to create better, more appealing website your web visitors will love.