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Product Information

Introducing the revolutionary cache system for AMP. It goes one step beyond AMP and It makes the AMP pages load Blazing fast! In our test, we have seen huge improvements in the loading speed. It will work on any server and will give your audience an instant preview. It’s so fast and secure and you’ll be amazed by it. This extension requires the AMPforWP plugin.

High Performance

It drastically improves the loading speed of the AMP pages

Load Balancing on Server

This not only improves the website speed but because of the method we are using, it will reduce the load on the server and allowing it to run faster.

Improve PageSpeed Score

It has some built in optimizations that gives you the best pagespeed score in the AMP. ( The maximum score on AMP is 91 Mobile | 97 in Desktop )

Service Worker with AMP PWA

Service worker is a new kind of technology which makes your site ultra fast and available for offline browsing. Our PWA for AMP extensions works great with AMP cache!