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Product Information

Supercharges Admin Columns Pro with very cool ACF columns.

Create editable columns out of your Advanced Custom Fields.

Faster and Easier content management

The popular plugin Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) allows you to manage your custom fields in an easy way. What ACF doesn’t do, however, is show these fields as columns in your posts or users overview. That’s why we have developed an add-on for Admin Columns that does just that.

Turn Fields into Columns

Advanced Custom Fields is cool. Admin Columns Pro with the ACF Integration makes it even cooler. It allows you to display any of your ACF fields as a column on your overview and edit them right away. You can add these columns to any overview; Media, Comments, Users, Taxonomies, Post types, including Posts and Pages are all supported. In other words: you are in total control of your advanced custom fields.

Save time editing ACF content

First, you choose which ACF field you want to display in the posts overview. We have an easy drag-and-drop interface for that. Next, you can use inline edit to change the content of your fields, like images, menus, checkboxes and taxonomies. And: without opening a single post! You can edit them right from the overview page. Each Advanced Column Field column supports the inline edit option. Anything you edit will be stored exactly as ACF would!

Sort & Filter your ACF content

Finding the right post or user will be much easier when you can filter or sort your content. Admin Columns Pro will allow you to do just that for almost any ACF field type, on any content type!